APA - Sunset
Leader Sunsshines the I
Government Kingdom
Capital Lake Palermo
Notable For Founding group of the Palermo Kingdom
Empire Current Expansion This group has no recorded Empire.
Empire Maximum Expansion 2
Maximum Groups Annexed 2
Maximum Population 50
Became Kingdom of Palermo
Foundation 2012
Dissolution August 2012
Reincorporated into new group August 2012

APA - Sunset was a Union of two groups under the rule of Sunsshines the I, or Sunsshines the 1st, founded in 2012.

The Union was at the time at war with the Blocks Republic, and later dissoluted after Palermonian takeover of Sunset, APA being granted independency, the Sunset Government going into exile, and the Kingdom of Palermo under Sunsshines the I ruling.

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