Palermonian Empire
Leader Sunsshines
Government Empire, Clan, Community
Capital Waterton
Empire Current Expansion 100+
Empire Maximum Expansion 100+
Maximum Groups Annexed 100+
Maximum Population 5570 (TL + Main Group), 38 (Main Group)
Became The Robloxian Coalition
Foundation April 2014
Reincorporated into new group The Robloxian Coalition

The Palermonian Empire, or the Palermo 5th Empire , was a group fou nded after the union of Forestary and the remnants of the Palermo 4th Empire which was known to be the "Great Depression" of Palermo.


The Empire was the early stages of the construction of the PI, and began with the union of Forestary and the remaining Palermo groups, mostly rebuilding themselves from thePalermo 4th Empire.

The 5th Empire re-took most of the ex-4th Empire Provinces which did not rejoin thereafter and expanded them to over 100 grousp, it later stopped expansion at that point and began to reconstruct the Provinces to make them "better places."

Around mid 2014, the Empire engaged in a war with TRUA due to an unknown cause. The war was fought with fierce war term violations from both sides, and eventually Palermo pulled out of the war due to this, not being innocent from the fact themselves. The war resulted in no certain winner.

The Empire entered a further decline after the Spacegang Revolt which crippled parts of Palermo's Army. The Empire eventually reincorporated into the Robloxian Coalition due to the inactivity and hopes of a better life.

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