The Palermonian 4th Empire Conquests was a time when Palermo converted from a country-Roleplay group onto a real Empire, annexing over 60 groups in the process, and recognizing 20, forming the Palermonian Empire.

The Palermonian Empire over time after summer passed then the Price floor declined rapidly. Eventually the 4th Empire's Expansion was lost, but during the time they managed to annex several other colonies, including influences, that survive to this day under Palermonian rule.


Palermo annexed many groups, shutting down most, but some survived as Provinces.

Palermonian Empire later extent:

Albion (72 person battalion)

Athia (3rd Palermo Civil War, no battalion, surviving version of Slofiga and Albion)

Coith (20 person battalion)

Dave (10 person battalion)

Dragonia (50 person battalion)

Foxtrot (no battalion)

Guestland (3 person battalion)

Kelticshire (no battalion)

CR/Lacerta (no battalion)

Lightica (no battalion)

Lumenia (no battalion)

Palermo Capital (100 person battalion)

RSL (no battalion)

Scorpia (no battalion)

South Robloxia (20 person battalion)

Valecia (Influence, 100 person battalion)

Palermonian Empire current extent (Colonies):

Palermo (100 person battalion)

Valecia (100 person battalion)

U.G.U (50 person battalion, surviving remains of Guestland)

S.M.C (20 person battalion)

Guestland (3 person battalion, rebellious)

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