War Name EAPD Revolution
Date Occurred 2015 - June 2015?
Side 1: East Amherst Police, Hayward Police, TRUA
Side 2 New EAPD Government, The Robloxian Cops, NYPD, Palermonian Imperium (Until 4/4/15), TRUA (Until 4/4/15)
Side 3 Unknown
Winner: Side 1
Result Treaty ending the Neverending War between TRUA, EAPD, and PI (4/4/15), mass riots and protests at Buffalo and other EAPD cities.
Users Lost Unknown currently

This is an article about a ROBLOX War

The 2015 EAPD Revolution is a series of events featured by violant protests and violant coup d'eat attempts at Buffalo City that begun during the EAPD War. The revolt is said to have failed although protests are on going still.


Due to the previous Civil War in 2014, tension was already built up against EAPD although gone quiet for a long period of time. The causes of the EAPD Revolts are unknown however it is believed to be linked to the EAPD War and possible Palermonian sabotage along with NYPD sabotage. 

There is also claims of extreme amounts of bribery and corruption within EAPD's government, thus fueling the revolution further.


Multiple large scale revolt attempts, coup d'eat attempts, and riots have been hosted since the start of the revolt. These go unknown regarding their fate. It has been revealed however that these recently seised with no EAPD Government change.

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