Palermonian Paris Honor Flag

The flag of 11/19/15.

The Palermonian 11/19/12 Flag is a flag which was created in its current version on 11/19/15. Its goal is to honor the 2015 Paris Shootings by ISIS and to be a memorial flag for Palermo's supposed, "Birthday," on 11/19/12.


Palermo's flag started out as the red and white X on a blue background with a star in the center of it because Palermo's HR's felt tired of making new flags constantly for leaving and re-joining States of Old Palermo. Later on, the star was removed and the flag was used for the majority of Sunsshines' Regime. The flag was discontinued under Imp's regime, however, the flag was brought back for memorial purposes for 11/19/12. The events at Paris also sparked a need for the flag to honor Paris along side 11/19/12 as well, and so the Paris flag was put on top of the 11/19/12 flag, creating the current version.

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